1. Test Associate @ IGS

    As a Test Associate at IGS, I automated end-to-end tests using frameworks like SerenityBDD, Selenium, and Cucumber. I used NodeJS for backend verification and component level test automation. I improved testing efficiency with a mobile device testing framework using Appium and executed API tests for two online payment apps' proof-of-concept.

    • Utilized SerenityBDD, Selenium, RestAssured, Cucumber framework with Java to automate over 40 End-to-End tests along with integration and functional testing
    • Implemented NodeJS based server routes to interact with CloudWatch Logs to verify backend functionality and automate component level tests
    • Established a robust mobile device testing automation framework using Appium, contributing to the enhancement of testing efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Played a key role in the proof-of-concept for two online payment applications by creating and executing API tests using TestNG and RestAssured
  2. Trainee Consultant @ IGS

    In my previous role, I automated 300+ regression tests using Selenium/WebDriver, reducing test time. I established a CI pipeline with Jenkins and GitHub for auto test execution and alerts. I trained testers on WebDriverIO and SerenityBDD for a team-wide automation approach. I also collaborated with testers for functional testing and defect logging using Jira, Testrail, and Browserstack.

    • Successfully automated over 300 regression tests using the Selenium/WebDriver framework, significantly reducing the time needed for regression test execution
    • Set up a proof-of-concept CI pipeline with Jenkins and GitHub for automatic test execution and email alerts for better observability.
    • Trained manual testers on WebDriverIO and SerenityBDD, promoting a team-wide approach to test automation.
    • Collaborated with manual testers for functional testing by creating and running functional tests and logging defects using Jira, Testrail, and Browserstack.
  3. Intern @ Cushy

    I collaborated with the marketing team to gather customer data from Google and Zomato, enhancing outreach. I shadowed the Marketing team leader to gain insights into client and team management, including cold calling. I onboarded customers onto our app through cold calls and field visits to local businesses, where I demonstrated our application's potential.

    • Collaborated with the marketing team to gather potential customer data from platforms like Google and Zomato, enhancing our customer outreach.
    • Gained insights into client and team management by shadowing the Marketing team leader, which included learning the art of making effective cold calls.
    • Conducted cold calls to pitch sales to potential customers, successfully onboarding them onto our app.
    • Undertook field visits to local businesses for onboarding and provided demos of our application, demonstrating its potential to aid their growth.